Fundraiser Program

At The Print Shak we want to work with you to make a profitable Fundraiser for your team, organization or group.  We offer (3) different options when it comes to our programs  The  amount your group earns is determined by how much work you want to do.  All of it or none of it.  We will work with you to come up with the perfect design and then go from there. 

OPTION #1: Earn $5 per item

You do all the work.  What do we mean by that?  The Print Shak will work with you to come up with your perfect design.  We will then create an order form for you, which you can print.  You will be provided with a Master Order Form.  When all orders are turned in with a 50% deposit the orders will be produced, folded and boxed up for you to pick up.  You are responsible for sorting, bagging and delivery of items.  Balance is due at the time you pick up the orders. 

OPTION #2: Earn $4.50 per item 

You do some of the work and we do some.  With this option you will be provided with an order form, that you can print, plus your items will also appear on our website.  You can take orders or people can order and pay online.  Customers will also have the ability to have their items shipped to them.  Once all orders are received, along with a 50% deposit (some of that being from online ordering) then your order will be produced, folded, bagged and boxed.  You will be responsible for sorting, bagging and delivery of items you received from order forms.  Items that are ordered online will have the option of shipping or pickup (from you).  You are responsible for delivery of items not being shipped.  Balance due at the time you pick up the orders. 

OPTION #3: $4.00 per item 

WE DO ALL THE WORK!  With this option the entire Fundraiser is done through our website.  Your organization simply shares the link for ordering and sits back.  The only work you might have is if a customer wants to pick up an order, it can be given to you to hand out.  We take care of payments, shipping, packaging, etc.  At the end of the process you will be given a check for the amount owed to your group.  


NOTE: when orders are placed through our website there is a fee for collecting payments.  This is where the difference in pricing plays a big roll.  We have to cover our costs.  We also have to pay Sales tax on the items - unless you can provide us with a tax exempt form at the time of ordering. The Sales tax is automatically figured into the price of the items.